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Frankfurt-Hahn is not an extensive airport. The terminal is divided into two levels, with no steps or stairways. All gates can be easily accessed. Here are some useful info:

Plan your journey

Disabled people and people with reduced mobility can ask assistance at the airport. You should inform the chosen airline about your specific needs at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled departure, providing in-depth information on your outbound and return flight. Make sure you arrive at the airport at least two hours before your scheduled departure time, and to register at the check-in not later than 1 hour from the take-off.  

Before leaving
We invite you to read carefully the terms and conditions indicated by your chosen airline concerning the transportation of medical and mobility equipment.



Arrival at the airport

Bus / taxi
Buses and taxi coming from Frankfurt stop right opposite the terminal, whereas all other buses drop off passengers at the bus station which lies 200 m from the terminal. From here, a free shuttle (nr. 10, marked with a PRM sign) leave every 20 minutes to the terminal. Once you reach the information desk you will be asked by the assistant staff about the typology of assistance you require and whether or not you made a pre-booking.

Private vehicle
The designated parking areas for disabled people are situated on the first floor of the airport parking. Parking is free upon showing of a document of the European Union indicating the booking reference and a G, BL, or H sign. All other passengers with reduced mobility can make use of the reserved parking seats situated in the long-term parking P7, which is in proximity of the shuttle stop.  The price depends on the current fares applied.
Once you reach the shuttle stop, ask the personnel at the information desk for assistance. You will be invited to show your reservation, if you have one, and asked about the typology of assistance you require.



Inside the Terminal

The assistance staff at the airport will be happy to help you with any request and to provide you with the wheelchairs available in the airport. 

Passengers terminal
All terminals are provided with reserved seats for people requiring special assistance. These seats can be found near every check-in area, at boarding gates and in all public areas of the arrival hall.

Toilets for disabled people are present in the terminals, and are easily recognizable by the appropriate sign.

Security controls
The safety of passengers is our primary concern. For this reason, it might be necessary to check your person and your wheelchair with a metal detector if the alarm sounds when passing through the security point. Additional checks could take place in a separate area, which shall carried out by an authorized society for public security.

Guide dogs
You should check with your airline the special terms and conditions concerning guide dogs prior to your departure. The public authorities in your country of destination should also be informed of your arrival, so they can let you know all the necessary information concerning the import of animals.

Information and assistance point

The information and assistance points are located respectively at the information desk inside Terminal A, at the bus station and at the shuttle stop P7. Our staff will take car of any passenger requiring assistance.
Assistance on arrival
If you require special assistance at your arrival, you will be escorted through the passport control and baggage reclaim until the arrival gate, and from here to your final destination (ATM, bus station, shuttle exc..)